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Letter to the editor

Call for investigation of bat incident

May 04, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Once again Independence Township Supervisor Dave Wagner has brought a black eye to our community with his mob like tactics. Now he's caught in a "vendetta" of his own making.

When "Godfather" Wagner was caught stealing taxpayer assets, tractor and aerator, his immediate response was to threaten the employee with a baseball bat for having the nerve to expose a possible theft.

So now we're paying the supervisor to threaten employees for reporting a possible theft of public property? Unbelievable!

Conduct such as this towards any township employee, by any township employee should be met with zero tolerance. This type of behavior is unbecoming of any employee, and is especially concerning when it is coming from a supposed "leader." What a horrible example he's setting for employees and the community!

I urge the Independence Township Board to move forward with a more thorough investigation of his misconduct. Letting this drop as a matter of "convenience" to the board is unacceptable and is a disservice to taxpayers and township employees.

These actions should not go unpunished. Now that we know he has threatened a employee, we feel an apology and the return of the stolen items just doesn't cut it.

The public has a terrible representative in Independence Township in Supervisor Dave Wagner. He is a continual embarrassment to the community and should resign immediately. We don't trust him with our employees or our assets!

Our thanks go out to the employee for coming forward. Their honesty and integrity is exactly the type of behavior we expect from OUR employees. They should be commended!

Michael and Lori Powell

Independence Township

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