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Medical hypnotherapy has become main stream

May 04, 2011 - inside of you. You hear it telling you the opposite of what you consciously believe. Your unconscious mind runs programs and for the smoker the program might say "Have a cigarette, it will calm you down and make you feel better."

And your conscious mind may be aware of the truth, that tar and nicotine cause cancer and many deseases and it's best to stop smoking. Clearly, there is a miss understanding with the unconscioius mind. Hypnosis can get the true message to the unconscious quickly, that all cigarettes are harmful, even second hand smoke is bad for you. And when the unconscious mind get's the truth, it changes the program to "Cigarettes will hurt us,, stop that now, or we'll do more harm to our lungs and the rest of our body, let's breath fresh air as God designed us to!" The smoker is now free of a very bad habit.

Know that part of you is a child, part is a student, a spiritual being and so on. Internal conflict can be resolved by re asigning the limiting part a new function. A good therapist would ask, "What do you really want that is realistic to achieve and how can the limiting part take on a more supportive roll. The client reasigns a roll and the conflict is resolved and better behavior is now supported and affirmed

In his book, An Exploration Of The Use Of Hypnosis In Medicine, Dr Leo Gagnon wrote, "Here are the reasons not to use Hypnosis. There are none known.

Periodically, I hope to educate our community on alternative health care. It's my sincere desire to help my neighbors live more healthy, fulfilling and loving lives. Next time I will discuss . . .

If you have a suggestion or question which can be used for future columns, please send them to me, in care of The Review, lakeorionreview@sbcglobal.net Scott Cooper is a certified hypnotherapist.

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