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Explaining elder abuse

May 18, 2011 - Each year thousands of senior citizens are exploited, abused or neglected. This behavior is classified as elder abuse and can occur by way of strangers or even family members. In many cases, trusted friends and members of the family are the perpetrators of the abuse. Elder abuse is something widely recognized by courts, and there is legislature passed in all 50 states to protect against elder abuse.

In terms of what constitutes elder abuse, here are offenses that are broadly defined as abuse and may be punishable.

Sexual abuse: Nonconsensual sexual contact.

Physical abuse: Pain or injury caused to a senior, including injury from restraining by physical or chemical means.

Exploitation:Illegal use or concealment of funds/property/assets of a senior used for someone else's benefit.

Neglect: The failure to provide necessary resources, such as food, shelter, health care, etc. for an elder.

Abandonment: Failure to perform assumed responsibilities by a person who promised care or custody of a vulnerable elder.

Emotional abuse:Causing mental pain, anguish or distress to a senior through various acts.

Self-neglect: The failure to perform self-care tasks that can threaten one's own health or safety.

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