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Letter to the editor

Duped or dumped on?

May 18, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Landfill Expansion Underway - On May 4, Orion Township was forced by residents to have a Special Meeting to explain why the Board passed a 53-acre expansion of the Eagle Valley Landfill on April 18.. At this Special Meeting, the township attorney explained to a packed crowd why the township felt compelled to abandon its residents Health, Safety and Welfare. He pointed out from 1994 through 2000 the sweeping and damaging changes that have taken place at the state and county levels in favor of landfills.

The township felt these changes preempted local municipalities from involvement in landfill decisions. The most disturbing part of this was listening to the attorney describe how Orion had done nothing to challenge, protest, or even show up to the meetings where these sweeping changes were passed. The unfortunate result was the forfeiture of the 1991 Consent Agreement. With that damaging information our supervisor recommended they take the blood money Waste Management offered in a take it -or leave it - deal. The attorney rationalized the board's decision, saying even if the township sued and won, they still would have lost the income generated by the landfill.

I am shocked by how many opportunities our township missed to defend the 1991 agreement, but mostly to defend the residents. Over the last 17 years and five different township boards, not one elected offical was paying attention. The 1991 consent agreement was to prevent further expansions of the Eagle Valley Landfill. That's what residents relied on, that's what we were told to count on.. Well, we were all duped by either ignorance or deceit by the vary people we elected to remain vigil over these types of changes.

The residents who surround the landfill have relied on elected officials to protect the 1991 agreement -- our Health, Safety, and Welfare.

The township failed us in many ways, but secured income required to run the new amphitheater and senior center. The township can hire more employees and have ample funds for salaries all during this economic downturn. The one thing we can count on is the Eagle Valley Landfill will be around for decades and how easily Waste Management bought our township for a few million dollars.

I, for one, am disgusted.

Joseph Geraci.

Orion Township

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