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Mac Center doesn't get it

May 25, 2011 - Dear Editor,

I was infuriated after reading the perspective by Tom Gantert, May 18 ("Clarkston teachers well paid"). He made inaccurate statements, used figures and statistics from his imagination, and basically attacked Clarkston teachers with a Rick Snyderian vindictiveness. As a Clarkston teacher and Independence Township resident I was appalled at the malarkey that came from him.

Then I read the bottom italicized print, and it all made sense. It appears he has no direct ties to Clarkston or its schools. But rather, he works with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a well-funded organization of teacher-hating anti-union frat brothers of Rick Snyder, the Koch brothers.

These gentlemen possess an agenda similar to Mr. Snyder's in that they look out for and take action to insure and improve the lifestyle of the elite rich, while demonstrating almost no evidence of caring about the welfare of the general public as a whole.

Mr. Gantert and the consultant he references, Michael VanBeek, are simply well-paid employees and mouthpieces of this organization. They're just doing what they are paid to do; spread anti-public education and teacher rhetoric around the state under the guise of a fancy named organization funded almost completely by rich beneficiaries of the recent tax cuts signed by Governor Snyder.

Another reason to consider the source before believing something you read.

Paul Sabbag


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