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Tips for township board

June 01, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Another fine mess, Mr. Wagner ("Township threatens court action to recover bonus," May 11).

When are you going to step up and come to the people and tell us the truth about your actions over the last years? Do you not think, since we elected you and pay your salary, that you owe us an explanation regarding this incident and the many other incidents where you seem to think you not only have the right to side step the Township Board but the citizenry, as well.

Not showing up to board meeting is cowardly and unprofessional. I do hope you are ready to retire. You and your cronnies have made a mockery of the good citizens of this township.

Mr. Mark Petterson, why are you never ready to truly discuss any issue without great anger and drama. Just because you were a marine and your step-father is well known to the township does not show us that you are well prepared on budgets, rules and regs. You seem to think you are being picked on because you don't understand whats going on.

I would suggest you spend some honest time learning what you need to know and laying off the politics for a while. It has not served you well, being so close to our supervisor. It portends of the same underhandedness being displayed by him.

Elections are next year. Let us make a few changes here.

Sharon Little

Independence Township

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