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Letter to the editor

It is not a 'senior' center

June 01, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Last week's Letter to the Editor from disgruntled architect Ron K. took exception to the design of what he called the "senior" center.

Not sure what triggered his ire but what triggered mine was the reference to it being a "senior" center.  For the record it is the Orion Center! Several years ago someone floated the idea of constructing a Senior Center to be used by the communities of Addison, Oxford, and Orion. The results of the vote were unanimous with well over 50 percent of residents saying NO!

  The building that is taking shape now on Joslyn Road is being funded with money from the local land fill and is for the entire Orion community - not just seniors!  Identifying a building as a senior center has its obvious downfalls.  Each time an event is announced and the words "senior center" are on the invitation, people will conclude that it is only for seniors.  In fact other structures in our state that have been designated senior centers have learned the hard way that such a distinction means low attendance.  So let's start practicing the name of the new building - it is the Orion Center.  Of course us seniors are welcome but so are families, children, tourists and those planning wedding, anniversary, graduation and other activities!  Referring to it as a senior center will surely restrict any hope of attracting the number of events needed to maintain a sound cash flow.  Now as you might have heard on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood - "Can you say 'Orion Center!"

Bill Kalmar,

A Lake Orion Senior

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