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Letter to the editor

June 08, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Once again the trustees of Independence Township Board are destroying the trust of the people they are supposed to represent. My understanding of a trustee is to gain the trust of the constituents they represent.

I would like to know one positive thing this board has accomplished since in office. At least the previous board had enough courage to poke their heads out their shells and build an amazing township building that positively represents our community.

If anyone on this board has a spine, a motion should be made to dedicate this building to David Belcher. It was because of his hard and tenacious work, cost control, and dedication, that we are able to have such a facility.

To accuse him of lying is thoughtless, cowardly, and plain back stabbing for political gain. My hope for him is that his position is immediately reinstated, back wages reimbursed, and forgiven of the $3,000 that this board has wasted many times over debating about. Please tell us how you are handling the building director's responsibilities during his absence and at what cost are we taxpayers incurring?

As reported, the attorney general and county prosecutor investigated this, with no wrong doing found. You have opened the door for one heck of a lawsuit and the potential of losing one of your most dedicated employees. I personally know David Belcher. He is one of the few men amongst you with a hard-work ethic and integrity.

I was taught to be concerned about the welfare of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, employees, and property. What is the primary concern of this board?

Kenneth P. Rittenhouse, Jr.

Independence Township

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