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Letter to the editor

In regards to protesting in front of Jacobsen Flowers

June 08, 2011 - Dear Editor,

What I want to know is how the Republican Legislators in the State, who all promise that they will not raise taxes when they ask for our vote' just voted to raise the State income tax level back up to 4.3 %, raise taxes on people with fixed incomes and cut funding to schools?  Than at the same time you eliminate the business tax and lower the corporate income tax?

 If  eliminating the business tax and lowering the corporate income tax is such a good idea why would doing these two things not be enough to stimulate growth and create jobs so that would generate enough revenue to replace the money lost to the State by these two cuts?

 I believe the protest outside of Jacobsen Florist was the best way to let you know that the people who elected you are not happy with you.  While you may be on unpaid leave from Jacobsens for now you will be returning sooner or later (maybe sooner then you hope).  I am sure whatever happens your business will flourish and you will expand and hire lots of people with your new found wealth right?  Maybe now that Jacobsen Florist has a new found wealth, instead of contributing the $93,000 to Lake Orion Schools the contribution this year can be like $6,000,000 to make up for the cuts.  Oh and lets not forget Oxford Schools will need another $4,000,000.

 You should not suffer all the heat.  A fair share belongs to our State Senator Marleau, who sponsored the bill in the Senate.

Gerald Podzikowski

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