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Letter to the editor

Mr. Sherman, get your facts straight

June 08, 2011 - Dear Editor,

It seems Mr. Sherman needs to get his facts straight re: the birther issue. To begin with, President Obama gave a copy of the very same birth certificate that EVERYONE has issued to them in Hawaii. A CNN reporter went to the office with someone who was born on the same day as President Obama, and he was issued the identical form that all of this hullabaloo has been about from the Republican birthers.

The CNN reporter also interviewed the doctor who was the head of the Health Department when President Obama was born, and she, who was and remains a staunch Republican, said it was perfectly legal, and the standard issued to everyone.

No white president would ever have been put through such nonsense as President Obama has been put through on this issue. It's pure racism! The bottom line is that whenever a black person attains a position of power, white people tend to suspect that they got there under false pretenses.

Even Karl Rove now refers to the lemmings that are taking over the Republican Party as the "nutty right." If this garbage doesn't stop, the Republican party of old will no longer exist. Never thought I would agree with Mr. Rove on anything, but on this one I say Bravo!

And Mr. Trump got exactly the roasting he so deserved at the Correspondent's Dinner. He couldn't take the heat, and so he bailed. Thank God!

Therese Becker

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