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Mill pond water levels lowered to remove tree

When water levels on the Goodrich Mill Pond were reduced, the 100-year-old train trestle pilings were exposed. Photo by Patrick McAbee. (click for larger version)
June 08, 2011 - The water level in the Goodrich Mill Pond was reduced last month after several large trees, some more than 18 feet long, became lodged in the dam under Hegel Road.

Doug McAbee, village council president, said the water was reduced several feet by the DPW in an effort to gain access to the trees that due to the pressure of the water were pinned against the dam.

"We assume due to all the rain over this spring the trees were washed into the Kearsley Creek," said McAbee. "There's often the normal drifting of wood downriver, but it seemed more of a problem than normal."

Following the removal of the trees, the water level should be restored to normal levels by June 10.

The low water level in the Goodrich Mill Pond exposed the wooden pilings of an old railroad bridge that crossed the pond about 100 years ago. In addition, the reduced levels prompted some weed growth near shore.

In October 2009, the village council approved the continuation and renewal of a Michigan Department of Natural Resources permit to spray the mill pond with chemicals for excessive weed growth; however, since then there's been no application. The savings will be about $4,000 per application, said village officials, adding that $7,500 was allocated in the budget.

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