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Landfills part of life, and Eagle Valley helps keep cost low

June 15, 2011 - Dear Editor,

I am responding to the Eagle Valley expansion debate. As a local refuse hauler, the residents must understand a few key points that I'm sure they do not think about when it comes to trash. Eagle Valley needs to continue to be open for as long as they have room. Why? Residents are always complaining about the cost of trash pick-up. By making us, the trash haulers, go farther to get rid of it cost more money (fuel, hourly wages, and the abuse on the trucks, not to mention more truck traffic on the roads).

Residents need to understand landfills are a part of life! Most people, when they set their trash out, don't know where it ends up other than a landfill. Eagle Valley is the home to most companyies for their competitive rates and good dumping areas.

I feel Waste Management does a very good job keeping the odor under control and with the methane burner they are installing will make a larger difference and maybe one day power some homes if that is the intended use.

Sorry for ranting just a sore subject because I don't want to raise prices -- I want to offer a great service at a great price.

Aaron Walter

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