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Letter to the editor

VanTassel, what are you gonna' do now?

June 15, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Thank you Don Rush for your fine article and understanding of what happened on April 18 when the Township Board gave away Orion Township and its dignity by expanding the landfill.

I feel sad it was left to you to inform the citizens. The past supervisor could have but chose not to. Again, thanks for stepping up to the task.

I still wonder if everyone in Orion Township understands the impact -- I mean the ones that say, "doesn't mean much to me, I live North of Clarkston Road."?

It does affect all.

There are two big aquifers that run under that big, soon to be lots heavier and bigger, pile of trash . The lakes are all threatened with contamination if a leak occurs.

Think of what happens to our beautiful lakes, lakes that have defined us, then. Never heard of anyone being able to clean up that kind of mess.

Supervisor VanTassel, you have the tools now. You know where the County erred, you know and have spoken that the Township acted hastily and with incorrect information.

Time is so important! You were quoted as feeling your biggest accomplishment was thwarting a prison here in 1984 -- but did you, we are now prisoners of a landfill.

Living a vacation here seems hypocritical. Living a healthy life here now is questionable and getting out of here for over 1,000 families may be the biggest challenge of all!

Sue Turpen

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