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Letter to the editor

Hope the Orion Center has hot water!

June 22, 2011 - Dear Editor,

As a columnist for several newspapers and magazines and an occasional contributor to The Lake Orion Review, periodically I receive feedback from readers who either extol my writings or who castigate me.

I always respond in kind even to those who hurl personal attacks. This latter group at times lacks the appropriate gray matter to deal in facts and thus reverts to name calling. Not sure what camp a recent letter writer to the Lake Orion Review falls into but categorizing my columns as "revealing, unsettling, and provoking" gives me some hint.

Trying to respond to a diatribe such as the one Bill Thompson constructed is usually fruitless. It becomes a battle of wits and in those battles I always try to avoid confrontations with unarmed people. My only intent was to solidify the name of the new building on Joslyn as the "Orion Center."

How "crawling under sinks in public bathrooms to turn on hot water" and how defeating a school bond issue somehow signals a "community not wanting a school system" defies logic and any connection with the thrust of my column which was to let people understand that the Orion Center is for everyone and not just seniors.

Having said that I welcome the opportunity to have coffee with Thompson in the Orion Center upon its opening so we can get beyond his momentary confusion on the intent of my column. For his benefit, I will check in advance under the sinks to make sure the hot water is turned on!

Bill Kalmar

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