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Snake lost in park, still missing

June 22, 2011 - Samuel L. Jackson might have found snakes on a plane, but no one can find a missing snake in Addison Oaks County Park.

A 32-year-old male resident of Auburn Hills filed a report on Thursday, June 9 with Oakland County Parks after he discovered his five-foot boa constrictor named Houdini had slithered away from his camper on Wednesday, June 8.

The man had been camping at Addison Oaks since Monday, June 6. According to the report filed with the Oakland County Sheriff's Park Division, the man decided to unzip the backpack Houdini was contained in so it could get some air because it was hot outside.

He said he forgot to zip the backpack up before going to bed and found the snake missing when he went to move the snake into the enclosure in the camper.

According to Dan Stencil, Executive Director of Oakland County Parks and Recreation, the man searched his trailer and the surrounding areas on Wednesday.

When he could not locate it, he reported the missing snake to park staff the following day.

Stencil noted the snake was "still at-large" as of Monday, June 20. A report was filed with the Oakland County Sheriff's Parks Department, who issued the man a citation for having an animal at large.

Stencil said he talked with several herpetologists from Detroit and Toledo, who informed him the snake would probably not survive if the temperature fell below 50 degrees.

Over the weekend, fliers were handed out to park-goers informing them about the missing snake and giving instructions on what to do if they came across it.

"We are instructing them to stay away, don't try and handle the snake," Stencil said. "It definitely is not a venomous snake, but it could bite someone. So we want them to stay away and report it to park staff."

If you see the snake, contact park staff at (248) 693-2432. Staff Writer Andrew Moser

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