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Oxford police log

June 22, 2011 - Monday, June 20 - A roll of toilet paper was discovered to be on fire in the men's bathroom at Stoney Lake Park. No damage was done to the bathroom and the park employee told deputies the roll on fire was a different roll than they use in the park.

*A caller reported hearing male voices and dogs barking around 1:45 a.m. near the post office.

*Police received a report of an elderly male in a scooter who was possibly broken down in the intersection of S. Washington and W. Burdick. The man was last seen riding down the sidewalk on E. Burdick.

*Officers received reports of juveniles throwing eggs at cars in the area of Oxford Lakes Dr. and Spring Lake. Police were unable to locate the juveniles.

*Neighbors on Glaspie St. were complaining about the painters blasting paint off the water tower and not containing the debris.

Sunday, June 19 Ė A suspicious vehicle was reported on Oxford Lakes Dr. After the driver of the vehicle spotted the officer, the driver turned off the lights and hid. Police were unable to locate the driver or the vehicle.

*A caller on Oxford Lakes Dr. reported her dog was attacked by two other dogs earlier that day.

*Police received a report of loud screaming and yelling coming from the beach area on Glaspie St. Five subjects were located and sent on their way.

Saturday, June 18 - A caller reported a pickup truck was loading gravel into their truck bed from the playground on Pontiac St.

*A caller reported a highly intoxicated female near an address on W. Drahner.

Friday, June 17 - An Oakland County Sheriff's deputy observed three vehicles in a parking lot around the area of Oakwood and Lapeer Rd., not in parking spaces, after business hours. One of the individuals, 25, approached the officer and informed him he was carrying a concealed weapon in his vehicle and he had the permit for it. While talking to the subject, the deputy noticed the smell of intoxicants on his breath. The subject, along with two other individuals, admitted to the deputy they were on their way back from fishing in the gravel pit along Lakeville Rd. The two individuals verified the 25-year-old's story. After the individuals consented, the officer searched their vehicle and found a handgun, a loaded magazine, two holsters and some prescription drugs, along with a fishing pole and bottle filled with urine. The subject admitted to drinking while fishing and then driving the three individuals back to their vehicles from the gravel pit. One individual, 19, was issued a citation for under 21 consuming alcohol and was driven home by the third individual, who was cleared to drive by the deputy. The 25-year-old was placed under arrest for carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence alcohol or controlled substance and lodged in Oakland County Jail.

*An Ipod Nano was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Stacey Circle.

*A man on Hunter's Rill reported his son was missing. He told officers his son asked if he could go outside and play just as he was lying down to take a nap and he said yes, but forgot to ask where he was going. The father knew his son usually didn't play outside long, so he became worried when he didn't return home. The father was not able to locate him and called the sheriff's department, who enlisted the assistance of deputies from Orion, Addison and Oakland Twp. The boy was eventually found playing at a friend' house.

*A pack of cigarettes and some back pain medication was taken from a unlocked vehicle on Hunters Rill.

Thursday, June 16 - A pickup with a white trailer was spotted in the NW Lot taking up three spots. The owner of the vehicle was located and said it would be moved.

*A woman on Thornehill Trail requested to speak with an officer about a threatening text message she received.

*Extra patrol was ordered at a residence on Mechanic after the owner reported someone trying to break into the residence. Police were unable to locate the subject and saw no signs of forced entry at the residence.

Wednesday, June 15 - A woman requested to speak with an officer after her daughter was harassed and followed from the Village down to Auburn Hills.

*Some bones were found along the Polly Ann Trial. They were determined to be of animal origin.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported after people heard a lot of yelling coming from a van in the SE Lot.

Tuesday, June 14 - A woman on Crestmoor Dr. reported over $1,500 worth of credit card fraud.

*A subject was spotted in a car with a bag of marijuana at an establishment on N. Lapeer Rd.

*A fire was reported on Sebek. The fire started at the bottom of an electric pole and burned along the fence line for approximately 60 feet. The cause of the fire is unknown.

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