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Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Fourth fun

June 29, 2011 - I'm looking forward to the Fourth of July Parade in Clarkston and Independence Township Festival of Fun, especially this year.

The whole thing was on the edge of cancellation due to budget and other reasons. That would have been sad, what with "Independence" in this place's name.

But people have pulled through, as I have come to expect. My first few months here at The Clarkston News, I got a call to help a local family buy Christmas presents for their little girl, and put something about it the paper.

Donations filled the office, a local businessman volunteered to be Santa I was very impressed.

That community spirit came through again for the Fourth, with community groups, churches, and volunteers working together to organize and run the parade and festival activities.

I got into it myself. I helped out with planning the Veterans Celebration at the Independence Township Festival of Fun and Fireworks. I'm listed under "public relations" in the program, which is cool.

A Military Museum will be set up in Carriage House, including radio-controlled miniature military planes, photos, uniforms and memorabilia from past wars. My stuff from the First Gulf War will be there along with items from World War II, Cold War, all the stuff local veterans have in their storage bins. None of my uniforms still fit, except maybe the hat and boots.

I'm hoping for some color pages coming up fireworks would look pretty good in them. Fireworks photos seem pointless in black and white, which is why I haven't attended them in previous years. We publish lots of parade and festival photos instead.

I'll be there this year, though, especially with the new location.


Speaking of spiders (see page 7A), my cat Gypsy, a Springfield Township native, has declared war on my basement spiders.

She hates them. One night, she brought five of them upstairs in her mouth for me to kill, one at a time, one after the other.

I'd market her out as an exterminator except she's afraid of strangers and hides when they come around.

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