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Marching band thanks

June 29, 2011 - Dear McLaren Health Care Center,

Thank you so much for helping me out with my trip to London with the Clarkston High School Marching Band. It was the coolest trip I have ever been on. My favorite part was, or course, marching in their New Year's Day Parade. It was really fun marching throughout historic London with crowds of people watching as we marched by.

One of my favorite day trips was to Stonehenge. Now that was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. We also went to St. Paul's Cathedral to look around. The dome has many staircases to let people explore the three levels. One goes up in the dome on the inside, the next one goes outside to see the whole city and the last one is at the very top. Because of time constraints and very narrow staircases at the top, we made it to the second level. What an incredible view of the city.

We also had the opportunity to visit Abbey Road where I got a picture of myself walking across it like the Beatles did long ago. I love the Beatles so that just made my day,

It was very interesting while walking around the city. People would say, "I like your accent" to me and then I would say, "thanks, I like yours, too." We felt very welcome. Most of the people we ran across knew we were there for their New Year's Day Parade and appreciated us being there. So again, thank you so much for helping me out. I had so much fun. Thanks!

Lindsay Myers

Clarkston High School band members thank community sponsors for their help.

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