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Vinyl still grooves it at Broadway Records in downtown

Richard McGlashen flashes a smile while he admires his collection of vinyl records. Photo by K Crain (click for larger version)
June 29, 2011 - By Katelyn Crain

Review Intern

After almost 30 years, moving to and from five different locations, and dealing with a fire that destroyed it all, Richard McGlashen could not be happier because his business, Broadway Records, is still alive and bumpin'.

Broadway Records is one of the few stores left in the area that sells vinyl records. Although, the majority of the inventory is records, the store also offers some tapes, CD's, and DVD's as well.

Most of McGlashen's inventory is the rock-n-roll genre; classic, as well as some modern rock. The store also offers other genres for the people who like different things, such as country, comedy, etc.

The small store is currently located on West Shadbolt Street in downtown Lake Orion. However, it has not always been that way. When the store began in 1982, McGlashen started out in a building located on North Broadway Street. He had a personal collection of about 1,000 records and decided to begin a business selling them.

McGlashen stayed at that location for about a year and a half before he outgrew the building and needed more room for his inventory. At that point, he moved his business down the street a few doors and remained at that location for 18 years.

After 2001, McGlashen moved his business twice more within the downtown area. He landed a spot in a building just a couple doors down from Sagebrush Cantina. Unfortunately in 2004, McGlashen lost a great amount of inventory due to a fire started in the kitchen area of the restaurant, spreading to a number of other South Broadway Street businesses.

He was a little discouraged, however, people that were not even his friends heard about the situation and began to help his business get back on foot.

Local business Wireless Toys store had information written in their ads asking people to bring in their old records. As people began to do this, the company kept them in their back room for McGlashen to pick them up. This was a turning point for McGlashen and his store -- a new beginning.

After the fire, McGlashen moved his business two more times within the downtown area, placing Broadway Records where it currently operates.

While having to start over in different buildings multiple times, McGlashen was sure to stay put in Lake Orion.

"I love the atmosphere here. It's a laid back place and that works for me because my kind of store is a laid back place," He said. "People walk in here and it's like walking into a time machine."

Broadway Record has between 4,000 to 5,000 records for sale. The price range varies from $5 to $250lars depending on what record it is and what kind of shape it's in. McGlashen wants to give everyone a fair price. He wants to make sure they are not overcharged.

With the mentality of looking out for others that McGlashen has, people have continued to stand by him and return the favor. McGlashen is extremely appreciative for the people that have helped his business survive for the amount of time that it has.

"I've had a lot of help. I just want to thank everyone and the lord for keeping me going this long. I'm just thankful to be here and still going after 30 years," McGlashen said, "Like the Beatles say, 'I got a little help from my friends' and I'm so grateful for that."

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