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Marching band thanks

July 06, 2011 - Dear businesses of Ritter's Square,

I would like to personally thank you for helping to sponsor my trip to London.

There were many awesome things I saw in and around the city.

I loved seeing the ancient architecture in the many cathedrals and castles in the London area.

The Marching Band also played in the New Year's Day Parade. This was an amazing experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There were many bands from all over the world participating in the 25th Anniversary Parade.

The Clarkston High School Marching Band and I had an amazing time on our trip and I am very glad to have generous supporters like you.

London is a wonderful city and I am extremely happy I could go there on this trip and represent the city of Clarkston.

Thanks again,

Alex Markarian

Clarkston High School band members thank community sponsors for their help.

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