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Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Toxins tossed

July 06, 2011 - I watched with interest and distaste as I eyed the water in the Aqua Chi Ionic foot bath change color.

As part of my 12-week program at Nuview Nutrition I signed up for the detox. Another painful but hopefully helpful 12 days of helping my liver to a happy life.

The detox included two foot baths from Holistic Harmony and it would pull toxins out of the body. Most of mine were from the liver, gallbladder and I did have yeast – which creates sugar cravings.

It was interesting like someone reading tea leaves but reading toxins. It definitely explains sugar cravings (I really need to say no to sweets and stop feeding the yeast.)

I still have one more foot bath and as I write this two more days of detox and started back on grains, which I happily gave my body.

While restricting, it was only frustrating at restaurants, more frustrating than when I first started the program. Many restaurants have added the healthy friendly items in hopes not to lose customers. But it is still limited.

My first day of detox I ate at a restaurant basically cutting the salad down to the bare minimum including no chicken. Sadly still charged for the chicken. It was not a $9 salad.

Most restaurants, it was easier to find their gluten menu, if they had one, or just stick with a salad.

While at times I could be heard saying "I can't eat that, I can't drink that" I didn't think about it as I couldn't have it. I thought of it I don't want to – if I ate it I would have to start all over again. Honestly I wanted to be done with it – take my knowledge and head into the real world.

I will find out on Friday if I continue on with medical food shakes. Plus, I still have to make an appointment with the doctor and see what happens next.

Other news – my Saturn Vue hit 100,000 miles before her fifth birthday (it's in August.) Meaning she needs to go in as well for her check-up. Not to mention the back windshield wiper hasn't been able to move since the snow melted and the mysterious death of the battery in Clarkston Community Church's parking lot on July 4th. Thanks volunteers and security guards for giving her life again!

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