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Letter to the editor

Questions about pay-to-play fee

July 06, 2011 - Dear Editor,

I am commenting on Clarkston Schools' decision to raise the pay to play amount for grades 9-12 (to $325 per student for high schoolers).

Although they say it is a one time fee, it does not seem fair to the students that only participate in one sport.

When I was in high school it was not unheard of for a student to participate in three sports, one during each season. Now it seems that every sport can be played year round.

This "one time fee" does not cover summer sports camps that are recommended by the team coaches and it does not cover the admission fees to the games and meets.

I would like to know why Clarkston's pay to play is so high, especially when other schools in Oakland County, i.e. Oxford, do not institute this practice, yet have state champion teams.

The kids have enough issues to deal with while attending school….having the cool clothes, shoes, bags, peer pressure etc. They are bullied for all kinds of reasons and most suffer from self esteem issues.

Now with the economic climate, these issues are compounded and some now have to worry about if there parents are employed. I understand that the schools are hurting for money, but the parents/households are also.

This increased fee is ridiculous and will hurt the community as a whole.

There will be less kids participating in sports, because of their inability to pay the fee and as a result these kids will then look for "less positive" things to keep them busy after school.

A concerned parent


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