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Letter to the editor

Councilman weighs in on budget

July 20, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Regarding the article "Councilman questions city budget increases" (July 13 edition) about city council votes on June 27, the vote on the 2011-2012 budget was 5-2, with Councilman Inabnit joining me in voting against the general fund and major and local roads budgets.

It is prudent to accumulate funds for future capital expenditures so that the city does not need to borrow or dip into its fund balance to pay for them when a one-time large capital expenditure is necessary.

Thus I support the general concept of having a capital improvement fund.

My objection to the fund as proposed was that there are currently no legal restraints on what the money can be used for.

I proposed an ordinance to govern this fund, but it has not been acted on.

I also proposed a separate budget for the fund, showing a tranfer of $25,000 from the general fund to the captial improvement fund and authorized expenditures of zero, so future expenses would need to be specifically approved by the city council. That suggestion was not acted on as well.

Richard Bisio


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