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Letters to the Editor

Fired up over burn ordinance...

August 03, 2011 - No more restrictions

Dear Editor:

Thanks for asking our opinion on this issue.

I believe the current burning ordinance works well. You have to register with the Fire Department, a burning permit is issued, only certain days of the month are designated as burn days, restrictions apply to what can be burned, and if you are sensitive to smoke, you know what days to close the doors and windows.

Further restrictions are unnecessary. If I wanted Big Brother to regulate everything I did, I would move to the southeast section of Oakland County.

Thank You,

Larry Liggett

Some limits helpful

Dear Editor:

There are many interesting issues that can be discussed related to the burning privileges we enjoy in Independence Township. I believe the majority of people who live in this semi-rural community would have a major problem not being able to exercise our right to dispose of leaves, sticks, brush in an environmentally friendly manner. When brush is dry and burned, there is little smoke. Filling our landfills with compostable matter in not an acceptable alternative.

I have to ask myself, how long has the person with allergies lived here? She should have educated herself on community policies before moving here. In any densely populated areas in this township such as neighborhood areas, there usually is no burning. It is mainly the residents with larger lots and large amounts of brush/leaves that burn. If you burn on non-windy days, smoke rises with the heat.

I suggest publishing guidelines that only Dry brush / leaves should be burned on non-windy so all understand. Possibly limit burning to exclude Sundays. Six days a week should be enough. Every other week would be reasonable.

Phil Zuelke

Stop lighting up

Dear Editor:

No smoke please. There are many alternatives to leaf burning.

Not only is the smoke toxic there is also a danger of fire spreading to my property and burning down all my beautiful trees.

I also have COPD and it makes it hard for me to breathe.

Lillian Hall Christein

Changes would make burn policy clearer

Dear Editor:

I am in favor of continuing the burning permit policy. We do not burn leaves. We mulch them.

However, I have a suggestion: Instead of four days a week on the first and third week of each month (8 burn days) how about choosing the same two days out of every week. For instance every Tuesday and Thursday or every Monday and Wednesday.

This way when the weather doesn't cooperate (rain and/or ozone days) you don't have to wait two week before burning.

It would also be easier to remember whether or not it is a burn day.

Cliff and Dolores Smart

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