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August 03, 2011 - I like telling stories.

My wife has heard the same ones over and over - especially when we get together with my high school and college buddies. (She is right -- we are all legends in our own minds.)

Over the years, however, I have learned it is also great to tell other folks'stories, too: interesting people, fresh thinking, new ideas and extraordinary happenings are just a few of my favorite topics. The fact is almost everybody has a newsworthy story to tell you just have to find it.

That is why the opportunity to edit of The Review, my hometown newspaper, is so intriguing to me.

Here is the chance to give back to the community where I have lived for 30 years. This job hopefully will allow me to make a positive difference by keeping the young and old alike informed of what is going on around here. That way, we can all make the right decisions to move Lake Orion forward in these challenging, if not interesting, times.

I am proud of this community and how it has changed for the better since I first began writing for this newspaper back in high school. Much of the news coverage will reflect that, but we all know Lake Orion is not perfect. If there is a wart to expose, it will be in a fair manner.

If you do not agree with a story, we welcome you to express your view. Write a letter-to-the-editor, propose a guest column or post a comment on our Facebook page.

You can even call or drop us an email with your two cents. Better yet, stop by the office downtown. I promise to listen. My family and friends know I love a good argument. Just keep it civil.

The bottom line is a community newspaper, like any media outlet, is doing its job if it is relevant and makes people think and talk about what is going on around them. The Review's small team of curious and talented journalists aims to do that one story at a time. It should be fun.

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