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Village taxes lowest in county

August 10, 2011 - Goodrich- Village residents are paying the lowest amount of village taxes in Genesee County, according to a report issued last week.

Karl Haiser, CPA, who was retained May 25 to review the village budget for 2011, attended the Monday meeting and discussed a Genesee County 2012 village operating millage survey with the council.

In a prepared statement to the council, Haiser reported he had spoken with the Genesee County Assessor's office the week of Aug. 1 and requested a list of all village governmental units (in Genesee County) and reported operating millage rates from each community. Of the five villages, Otisville had the highest millage at 16.0253, followed by Gaines, 14.9484, Otter Lake, 12.7720, and Lennon with 8.9223. Goodrich had the lowest millage, with a rate of 5.3251. Haiser anticipates the fund balance as of June 30 to be $205,777, or 29.2 percent of the total budget.

Councilman Richard Saroli said the rainy day fund has been depleted and if residents want a greater amount, taxes would have to go higher.

"Haiser's report reflects villages about the same size as Goodrich," he said.

"Understand that the amount of services reflect the operating millage. More services are more costly."

Haiser added that a village fund balance of 15 to 20 percent would be ideal.

Haiser has agreed to continue to provide his services to the village until Sept. 15

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