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Summer splash for robotics team

Team 4, the "Wicked Fast Watercraft Winner," from left, Michael Ray, Brett Opel, Jennifer Ray and Mitchell Petrimoulx, had outriggers on their boat. (click for larger version)
August 17, 2011 - The final two boat teams of the RUSH Regatte waded into the water waiting for the start of the race Team 4, fastest so far, and Salty Barnacles, which won each on its races.

Paddlers dug into Deer Lake and the race was on. Salty Barnacles moved into the lead as Team 4 got caught in one of the flags at the starting line.

But Team 4 quickly moved ahead and caught up to Salty Barnacles and passed them. They kept the lead and finished as the winners of the race in 2:30.

Team 4 also took the prize for Wicked Fast Watercraft, while Salty Barnacles walked away with the Seaworthy Sailors award for engineering.

Prizes also included Cash Crusaders Award, going to Team 2 for raising over $9,000, and Enterprising Mariner Entrepenuer award to the Army of Noah.

Team 2 won the RUSH Regatta for scoring a total of 38 points during the event.

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