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Chicken run

August 17, 2011 - Do any of you remember the Dreamworks animated movie "Chicken Run" that came out 11 years ago?

If you didn't see it. It's a story about a chicken farm set in Yorkshire New England during the 1950's and when the farmer decides to go from selling eggs to selling chicken pie, the chickens decide they have to find a way to escape the farm before facing their sinister death. To help in the escape the flock seeks out the smooth talking American chicken from Rhode Island named Rocky who by accident landed on the farm by "flying."

So are you wondering what all this chick filet talk is about? I'll explain.

Last Friday Aug 12, at 12 p.m., I signed the dotted line(s) and am now an official homeowner. I found a good deal on a home for me and my beautiful wife to be in 17 days.

It's a nice quad level (tri-level with a basement) for $50,000 in Lapeer. It's a brown/tan house with green shutters. 1,200 square feet with decent size yard for Noell, my fiancee's, dog to run in.

However the dog is going to need a fence because otherwise Noell and I will be starting our own chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken. As we discovered Thursday night, our neighbors behind us through the bushes have chickens and the flock likes to find their way into our yard as well as the next door neighbors.

As my dad and I were fixing the window in the master bedroom on Saturday, I found the clucking flock very amusing and took many photos of them on my phone.

Yes, growing up in Lapeer I am quite used to seeing plenty of deer, corn fields, cows, horses, and yes even chickens. However, my house is in a neighborhood with a paved road. There aren't any farms or barns directly around my house, so free roaming chickens comes as a great entertainment to me.

In fact I am thinking of starting my own chicken farm, but I don't think Noell is up for raising chickens. She does however want us to get a kitten once she moves in after the wedding and eventually bring her dog Tippy. As I stated earlier, we'll need a fence because otherwise we'll be eating lots of chicken, but until a fence goes up or my neighbor discovers his chickens are on the run, I'll enjoy cluckers roaming in my back yard.

Trevor graduated with degrees in English and communications from Rochester College. He wrote for his college and LA View newspapers before joining The Clarkston News in May 2007.
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