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Put the 'trust' back into 'trustee'

August 17, 2011 - Dear Editor,

The Orion Township Board needs to shake off the trance-like state most of you have been in for the last few years and try to regain the trust of the residents before 2012.

The former Supervisor has moved on and so should his policies, the reign by intimidation is over. This new Board must regroup for the betterment of the community. You're allowed to question the bills, investigate the issues, keep the public informed, and speak up when there are appearances of improprieties before you vote Aye or Nay on issues.

With the 2012 election process about to start, only one person on this new Board will be exempt from the stigma of "the Board that approved 40 more years of the landfill."

How you voted will not matter to most, all that matters was you withheld information from the public and did not speak out on the landfill expansion during the past year.

You still have a chance to be the "Board that STOPPED 40 more years of the landfill."

Now that you have all the information, how long before you respond? Perhaps the spending of the Waste Management nonrefundable $100,000 deposit is your response?

JoAnn Van Tassel, as new Supervisor you have been given a second chance to do the right thing. Before moving forward you must take a step back. I hope you do not believe, as your predecessor did, that these are desperate times and we must take desperate measures.

Joseph Geraci

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