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August 17, 2011 - Dear Editor,

(In response to: 'Village taxes lowest in county,' The Citizen, Aug. 13, page 1):

This is exactly what we needed – isn't it? The Village of Goodrich has gone through a recall on Patricia Wartella and elected a new councilmember. And surprisingly, we are now facing the possibility of our village taxes being raised to a depleted fund balance. Whoa! Can you believe this nonsense? Did we not just hear Wartella continually state that we were spending more than we took in? That if we did not stop and consolidate our services that taxes would have to be raised? This is just like déjà vu! But, I guess the message somehow sounds better coming from Karl Haiser, CPA. Those credentials will surely soften the hit we are going to take on higher taxes. Remember, that prior to the election Aug. 2, Karl Haiser, CPA stated that the Village of Goodrich is operating efficiently and there is no basis for any allegation of deficit spending! or loss of fund balance. Now, on Aug. 13 in The Citizen Richard Saroli openly states "the rainy day fund has been depleted and if residents want a greater amount, taxes will have to go higher". Well, people you voted for it and you got it.

You now have the majority of the council representing you. It's a shame because at the heart of it all, that's all this fight was about – to obtain the majority rather than fight for your best interests. I suppose the blame falls on those who did not get out and vote. That is why your taxes will be raised. And by the way, don't count on getting straight answers from Saroli, Pete Morey or Richard Horton. If any hard pressing questions come up regarding village issues you'll have to do your own homework. But rest assured and remember, you should feel better off now. Patti Wartella – the person who was going to empty the mill pond, give away your sewers and bring in a trailer park – is gone.

Henry Wartella

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