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I vote no millage raises!

August 24, 2011 - Dear Editor

As a voter and taxpayer I am angry that the Brandon township board consistently keeps asking for more money.

Seniors and the disabled living in Brandon township have not had a COLA raise in two years and will not be getting one this year. We would like to have more money to keep up with inflation. Food, gas, heating fuel, clothing, and medical costs are up and keep going up. Homeowners insurance keeps going up, eating up any money we saved with the lower home prices resulting in lower taxes.

Those that are still working are not getting any pay raises.

Neither should Brandon township!

Yes we the taxpayer did vote in a maximum millage. We did so only to allow the township to increase police protection as the township grew in population. We did not vote for a maximum to be used to make our lives harder by township officials increasing the millage during hard times.

Layoff the police officers. Cut back the fire department. Oakland county sheriff's department seems to charge more for officers every year. They don't get a raise in money from us. They use our facilities to park their police cars, they use our facilities to keep an office in Ortonville. Yet they pay next to nothing for these privileges. Oakland county sheriff's department should be paying us Market price for the facilities they use in Ortonville.

I vote no millage raises!

Robert Therrien

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