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Letter to the editor

Another Van Portfliet supporter

September 07, 2011 - Dear Editor,

  The coming elections for town council are crucial to the future of our community.  During this fiscally demanding time, it seems imperative that our town council must be made up of selfless citizens without personal agendas, and with only the best interests of the Village of Lake Orion in mind.  Therefore, out of all the candidates, I'd like to recommend a write in:  Ken Van Portfliet.

 There is an old saying: "If you want something done, ask a busy person." and that seems to be true for Ken.  He is a hard working, involved and dedicated participant in community affairs, a logical thinker who never fails to do his homework, level-headed during stressful times, balancing a full family life and public life with the varied needs of the community through his extensive experience in community service and active participation in the interests of this village.  Those of us who know him have been aware that he is never too busy to help when it's appropriate.  And he makes it all look easy, because in addition to all of the above, he's a social human being who thrives in the company of his fellow man.

 So on election day, September 13, 2011, I'll be writing in the name 'Ken Van Portfliet'.  His placement on the Village Council will mean additional security for the quality of the village council.  

Yolanda Garfield

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