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One more Ken fan

September 07, 2011 - Dear Editor,

This coming election day, I plan to vote for write-in candidate Ken Van Portfliet for a seat on the village council. I can think of no better candidate. I've known him for years to be an excellent human being, a fantastic mentor to the many children who require a male figure in their lives, a generous person who never fails to give of himself for the betterment of others.

Mr. Van Portfliet's long experience with the Village of Lake Orion and the needs of the people here is coupled with his business acumen and community spirit. No one else could perform the duties required by such a position as well as he. We deserve no less than the very best. So please, come election day on September 13, take a moment to write Ken Van Portfliet onto the ballot.

Tammy McDuffie

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