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Welcome back Lake Orion students

September 14, 2011 - By Olivia Shumaker

Special Writer for The Review

Summer was fun, but Lake Orion High School's 2,600-plus students have now been back in school for more than a week.

They have dusted the cobwebs off their backpacks, sharpened their pencils and stocked up on notebooks. Teachers have rooted out textbooks, decorated their rooms and gotten desks in order. Schedules have been set.

The start of the school is seemingly part of the cycle of life each year. Most people do not look forward to cramming and homework as much as three months of summer bliss, but there are things to anticipate each fall.

"I'm looking forward to graduation," senior Anthony Williams exclaimed enthusiastically. "I'm looking forward to all of the new classes this year," sophomore Jacob Maurer said.

Freshman Hannah Fedorisin, on the other hand, said she is looking forward to Homecoming next month.

Junior Nick Booker commented he didn't know what to expect in class and, while there were not many kids he recognized, "it's fun to talk to new people."

Whether you are a senior who is ready to experience life past high school, or a freshman who has yet to learn about any of it, Lake Orion provides a myriad of opportunities waiting to be cracked.

Freshmen are making the leap from eighth grade to high school, adjusting to biology, health, and speech, as well as navigating through the building. Sophomores are just breathing a sigh of relief because they aren't freshmen anymore, while digging into chemistry, physics and U.S. history.

Juniors are frantically diving into ACT prep courses and standardized test books, trying for varsity letters and figuring out how to be upperclassmen. Seniors are settling into routines, getting senior pictures taken, booking spring break trips and planning for the future. The guys also are wondering how they will creatively ask their dates to the prom.

In the short term, Homecoming is next month. The school's leadership class comes up with a dress theme for students to wear each day, culminating in a pep rally on Friday, along with the homecoming parade, football game and dance.

The high school, also, is taking a stand against bullying.

"Every Tuesday we have STAR class to focus on bullying programs and awareness," said senior Stacy Leczner.

"The principal gives pep talks every morning now," added sophomore Mario Arrbies, noting that Ms. Lafayette urges students to do their best and show respect to their school and themselves.

Lake Orion High School received several updates over the summer. The stairs and baseball diamond were repainted and the main gym floor was refinished. A new office was added in the front lobby for better security and easier parent sign-in/out.

Wireless internet access is now standard throughout most of the school, which will soon allow students to bring laptops into class for projects instead of finding a laptop cart or a computer lab. The firewalls, however, are still active—meaning no Facebook during class.

For some students, the first week dragged. "Well, I'm not sure if it was positive or negative but, for me, it felt like a month," said junior Kelsey Bird. "It was good to reunite with friends, and have new classes, but learning felt foreign to me."

Other students wrestled with Honors English, and learned firsthand about the myths of Phys Ed. Some experienced high school French for the first time, or spent endless hours practicing in the marching band.

From art classes to business courses to team sports and more, Lake Orion offers the kind of opportunities that would be impossible at a smaller high school. The teachers, however, provide invaluable personal attention.

"Well, my first week went as planned and turned out amazing, because I have teachers that are there for me and willing to help whenever I need it," junior Rose Griffin said. "They are the kind of teachers that interact with students during the class period."

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