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Village services study released

September 14, 2011 - On Monday night Christine Andrysiak of Plante and Moran presented a study of the municipal services provided by the Village of Goodrich. The goal of the review, which was conducted over January and February at a cost of $15,000, was to critically evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost structure of the services.

"Everyone is looking for ways to save money," she said. "This review was during a time many communities within the state of Michigan are facing a fiscal crisis. Still, the Village of Goodrich has handled the general funds appropriately through the beginning of the crisis and the cash value of the fund is expected to be healthy at the end of the 2011 fiscal year."

Andrysiak noted that the fund balance in Goodrich was at 43 percent, which is reasonable.

"The state recommends 13 percent," she said.

The comprehensive report suggested several key options for the village including:

nHire a part-time village administrator with a reduction of hours and benefits. In addition, close the village office on Fridays and reduce office staff hours by four per week. The total savings would be $40,800.

nConsider entering into shared services with Atlas Township for property tax billing and collection of sewer bills saving $19,000 to $22,000.

nContract with Atlas Township for the building department and code enforcement, saving the village $5,000.

nIf shared services with Atlas township is not pursued, the village could collect a 1 percent administration fee, raising $29,000.

nManage the Village DPW on a cost-per-service basis with Genesee County Road Commission or through the reduction of full-time staff or seasonal personnel for a savings of $31,000. The savings would also include less capital investment in equipment.

The council is now moving forward with the hiring of a part time village administrator. There are 17 candidates for the job, which was posted last month.

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