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Letter to the editor

Thanks to Eagle Scouts for beautifying center

September 21, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Garden volunteers, gardeners, seniors and the community are enjoying the Eagle Scout projects at the senior center in Clintonwood Park.

In 2009, Eagle Scout Gerry Murphy and Troop 186 from Lake Orion built four outdoor wooden benches. Two were placed at the senior building entrance and two were placed on the patio. The paver patio was the project of Eagle Scout Brandon Toth of Troop 199 from Clarkston. With the help of troop members and parents they built a beautiful patio. The landscape plants surrounding the patio were donated by Brandon as part of his project.

In 2010, Eagle Scout Brian Roy, Troop 199 from Clarkston, selected landscaping the front of the senior building as his project. Along with troop members, parents and friends, they re-landscaped the area planting flowers and shrubs, spreading mulch and placing solar lights around the sign. The park entrance also saw a new face-lift. Eagle Scout Nicholas Toth of Troop 199 from Clarkston, selected the park entrance as his project. He and members of his troop and their parents, cleaned up the area, planted shrubs and perennials and spread mulch. He came back each day for a couple of weeks to water the plants to ensure their survival.

When the garden committee volunteers mentioned they would like a garden shed, Chris Tunis, Eagle Scout, Troop 199 from Clarkston, volunteered to build the shed as his project. With the help of scout troop members and parents the shed was completed in the spring of 2011. The gardeners now have a place to store tools and supplies. In August of 2011, Eagle Scout, Kyle Jones of Troop 192 from Davisburg built three garden arbors as his project. With the help of troop members and parents the project was completed in a week-end. These new arbors will set the area for the Memory Garden. In time, landscaping will be done as funds are received from memorials.

The significant impact these young men have made in our community will be enjoyed for years to come.

Thank you Eagle Scouts, your families and your friends.

Independence Twp. Senior Center Garden Committee

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