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A Look Back From The CNews archives

October 05, 2011 - 15 years ago - 1996

"Enrollment continues to grow" Enrollment district-wide was up 184 students, most at Clarkston High School. Clarkston High was the third largest in Oakland County, behind Rochester and Troy.

"Break-in nets thieves guns, cash" An Independence Township family suspected a gang of cross-dressing high school students broke into their safe and stole thousands of dollars in cash and property. School officials didn't know of any such gang.

"Up, up ... and away!" Springfield Plains students made hot-air balloons out of tissue paper and used a heat gun to provide the hot air. The teachers used lessons from Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala., in the lesson.

25 years ago - 1986

"Parade march for Springfield" H.B. Childress, Joan Clements, and Gerald McNally serves as judges in the Davisburg parade. Best Float award went to Davisburg Elementary, portraying a 19th century classroom with Steve Gaynor as schoolmaster.

"Campaign pushes drug-free homes" About 2,400 families signed the Safe Homes Pledge sponsored by Clarkston Area Youth Assistance and its subcommittee Clarkston Area Chemical People. They promised to halt parties without parents, underage drinking, and illegal drug use in Clarkston homes.

"Improvements for M-15 in works" The state had a plan to widen M-15 between Paramus Road and Dixie Highway from two to five lanes, which village officials opposed. They wanted a three-lane expansion to prevent a bottleneck at the south end of downtown, and were also concerned expansion would impact historic homes north of the business district.

50 years ago - 1961

"Know your fire department" Independence Fire Department was well equipped with two 500-gallon pumper trucks, a 400-gallon pumper, 1,500-gallon tanker/pumper, and 200-gallon booster truck. Altogether, the trucks could deliver 2,150 gallons of water per minute on a fire.

"National champions to skate here" Gene and Jean Anderson hosted the National Champions exhibition at the Clarkston Rollercade. They hoped to acquaint the people of Clarkston with roller skating and to show what an enjoyable sport it can be.

"Clarkston locals" Mr. and Mrs. David Dumas of Clarkston arrived home after a seven-week vacation at Lake Leelanau. Mrs. Dumas said, "the fishing was wonderful."

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