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Letter to the Editor

Reader irked by E-blasted opinion

October 05, 2011 - Dear Editor,

I recently received an email blast written by Dr. Rock, superintendent of schools, from Clarkstoncalendar.org.

It appears Dr. Rock is utilizing taxpayer funded equipment and time to advance his personal agenda relative to Charter schools. To utilize this taxpayer funded informational email tool to promote a one-sided agenda is not an open-minded approach to fixing our ailing school system.

Where is the voice for taxpayers that believe in school choice via a voucher system or charter school?

In my response to Dr. Rock I explained my position that choice promotes competition and that competition promotes excellence. Dr. Rock's response: 'I don't believe that the competition model fits with schools.'

We have serious educational testing shortfalls relative to other countries; we have to compete.

Dr. Rock's position to continue to protect a public school only option is no longer realistic. I would encourage Dr. Rock and all citizens to keep an open mind to other forms of education. After all, our goal is to enable our children to compete.

Charles Kennedy


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