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Caruso Chiropractic celebrates 20 years

October 05, 2011 - By Joe St. Henry

Review Editor

Dr. Sam Caruso knew early on what he wanted to be when he grew up.

When he was younger, he would watch his grandfather perform "magic" on friends with sore backs. In seventh grade, Caruso hurt his neck and shoulder wrestling and visited a chiropractor for the first time. After being treated successfully, he realized that he wanted to help others with similar injuries.

In 2011, Caruso Chiropractic is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Lake Orion.

Caruso opened the practice here based on a friend's advice that this was an up-and-coming, growing community. Today, he cannot think of operating his practice any place else.

"I really like the hometown feel of the area," Caruso said. "It's close to the city with all its amenities, but you can still live in a small community."

Caruso Chiropractic is located at 25 S. Lapeer Street in downtown Lake Orion. It has enjoyed steady growth. Caruso works with two other doctors, Marco Paese and Brad Sabo, and six staff members. They currently have 2,500 active patients, 75 percent of them from the Lake Orion/Oxford area.

While most of their patients are between 22-55 years-old, a significant portion are actually toddlers. Caruso said many are suffering from their necks being misaligned during the birth process, resulting in ear infections, asthma, headaches and sinus issues.

The practice also has seen a number of local high school athletes. Caruso and his team help them overcome back issues, as well as adjustments to shoulders, elbows, knees and other extremities that may need to be realigned.

His team has built a solid reputation working with these young patients, especially quelling any fears they may have about visiting the doctor.

"Children are only afraid during their first visit," Caruso said. "When they realize our treatment doesn't hurt and there are no shots involved, they actually enjoy coming for appointments.

"I also ask their parents to not call me 'doctor' because it freaks out the kids."

According to Caruso, the word chiropractic means by-hands-only and, unlike some doctors that use mechanical devices to treat patients, he uses "good, old-fashioned manual adjustment" to relieve low back/leg and neck pains, patient headaches and similar ailments.

He is a firm believer in technology, however. In fact, Caruso Chiropractic is one of the first practices in the state and first in Oakland County to use a flat-screen, digital imaging system. This provides better quality, low x-ray exposures and quicker images.

Caruso and his staff also work with patients of all ages to address lifestyle and nutrition issues related to their overall health. They offer patients a holistic approach to treatment, known as DREAM diet, rest, exercise, attitude and maintaining the nervous system (chiropractic treatment).

On Monday and Tuesday nights, the doctors host group session with patients to provide healthy-living education and tips.

"Many of our patients realize they need to make lifestyle changes," Caruso said. "They really don't want to take drugs the rest of their lives and will do anything to avoid surgery."

Over the past ten years, Caruso says he has seen a steady increase in the number of people interested in changing their eating and exercise habits. "Many have seen their parents and relatives become sick because they haven't taken care of themselves and they don't want that."

Caruso Chiropractic is hosting its annual fundraiser for the local FISH organization on Nov. 6-12, 2011. Any new patient that brings in a bag of canned food gets a free initial exam. Current patients who bring in canned goods receive free adjustments.

To set up an appointment, call 248-693-4800, or visit

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