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Letter to the Editor

An explanation from the supervisor

October 19, 2011 - Dear Editor,

I'm sure the fine citizens of Independence Township have heard and read all of the misinformation regarding my health put forth by some members of the Township Board. I feel a solemn duty to set the record straight regarding my dedication to the job to which I was re-elected in 2008 with nearly 60 percent of the vote.

Like many people my age, I have been afflicted with some serious health problems in the last year. I have undergone two neck operations, the second of which was not done properly. While in the hospital after that surgery, I contracted an infection that seriously compromised my immune system.

I have now sought and am receiving continuing care at the University of Michigan Medical Center in an effort to stabilize my immune system to a degree which will make it possible for me to undergo reconstructive surgery to repair the damage caused by complications from the second surgery.

You have my word that I look forward to being back to work at the township just as soon as my doctors clear me to do so. As does any business in the private sector, the township employed a deputy supervisor whose responsibility it was to perform my duties in the event of my disability. Unfortunately, the township board inexplicably de-funded the deputy supervisor position at its last meeting, presumably in an effort to make my medical absence seem more critical.

At the last board meeting it was alleged that I had cleaned out my office, which is just not true. I was in the office to retrieve some clothing and a few other personal items in case the board needed to use my office on an interim basis period. I give you, the citizens of our township, my word that I will be back to work just as soon as I am medically cleared to do so.

I do apologize to all Independence Township citizens for not getting this information to you earlier, but I have been in no medical condition to participate in the war of words in the media that has been waged by my political opponents.

It is my fervent hope that these people will get back to work on the township's business so that the many gains we have made during my two terms in office will not go to waste.

I thank the citizens of Independence Township for your concern and support during my illness. I will be back at the helm of the township in short order.

David Wagner

Independence Township Supervisor

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