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Brown throws hat in race

June 27, 2012 - When it comes to being the Independence Township treasurer, Paul Brown is "all in."

"If I don't win, I'm going to be looking for a new job," he said.

Brown was the Chief Financial Officer and server administrator in thr Internet Technology department at Lynn Medical, but recently resigned to concentrate on his campaign.

Brown has lived in Independence Township since 1968 and graduated from Clarkston High School in 1980. From Brown's perspective, growing up in Independence gives him a passion for serving his community.

Although, Brown thinks the Township has done well, they haven't done "things that make you say 'wow'" nor have "they made improvements that make other communities look at them as the benchmark."

Some improvements Brown would like to implement if he's elected are eliminating paper checks used to pay vendors.

"Our system should be set up to pay vendors electronically," he said.

According to Brown, this change would allow the township to save time and money on postage and avoid lost checks.

Although it wouldn't directly relate to his duties as treasurer, Brown would "make [himself] available to help businesses" by holding monthly workshops on subjects relating to technology and marketing.

He also would like to show businesses how they can retrieve money from their unclaimed property sites. Visit

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