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Martial artist plans record breaking stunt in Clarkston

June 27, 2012 - When seeking a cure for a migraine, have you consulted a world record breaking martial artist? If not, you might try Sanders Alternative Therapy Clinic, just downstairs from Joe Sanders' dojo.

Sanders is a certified Olympic referee for Tae Kwon Do, a Grand Master of Yeon MuKwan Hapkido, and a third degree black belt in Judo. In 2012, he successfully broke two world records for cutting Japanese tatami mats, which are four feet tall and made of straw.

"You have to have a really smooth technique," Sanders explained, "like a perfect golf swing." He broke his first record by slicing 243 mats in 60 seconds. Then, within 90 days, Sanders established the current record by cutting 273 mats in 60 seconds.

Sanders insists his record-breaking is not over and intends to prove it in downtown Clarkston next weekend. On July 7 at 9 a.m. on Washington Street next to the Masonic temple, Sanders will cut 144 2-liter bottles of club soda in less than 30 seconds.

"Everyone is welcome, but you're going to get wet," Sanders said with a laugh.

When Sanders isn't slicing with his samurai sword, he teaches martial arts to teens and specializes in craniosacral, myoskeletal alignment, and acupressure therapy. His patients typically suffer from migraine headaches, chronic shoulder and back pain, but he also works with autistic children.

Although he's proud of breaking world records in martial arts, Grand Master Joe Sanders also prides himself on being able to "kill a full-blow migraine headache in 20 minutes," Sanders said.

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