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More musings from Jim the Jotter

After hearing my eleven hundredth pitch from an attorney today on the tube, I'm convinced that the first person I should call when I fall, or am in a car crash or have an extreme movement, should be Sam, Morse, Jeffrey or Abe....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Big Jim support shows love for the Oxford library

And, has a hiccup cure

As far as I am concerned, every important service, and opportunity, is provided voters and families in our community by the public library. And, now that absentee ballots are out and people are voting in Oxford, I believe I need to show my support for the Oxford Township Public Library....more >>
September 10, 2014

Jim's Jottings

Memories of country kids and country schooling

Both Hazel and I were raised as country kids. Hazel was raised on a farm in Shiawassee County. My folks moved every two years to farms west of Durand, where Dad worked on the railroad....more >>
September 03, 2014

Jim's Jottings

More time for national focus in retirement

I've been a publisher of four Oakland County community weekly newspapers for a few decades. As such, I've devoted years of my life to happenings in these communities. However, I, and our readers, like to stay somewhat informed of happenings throughout Michigan, the United States and the world....more >>
August 27, 2014

Jim's Jottings

Screw work, play golf but read this first

Let's get started this week with some light stuff. The only ones who remember you when you come in 2nd is your wife and your dog. The one-armed man only shopped at secondhand stores....more >>
August 20, 2014

Jim's Jottings

Covering all the bases

The rapid increase in 'cold' calls has increased the 'heat' in my blood cells. These calls must have turned off listeners to the point of having lost their effectiveness (if they even any to begin with)....more >>
August 13, 2014

Jim's Jottings

A lot of be glad about until I got addicted to TV news

I'm glad I got to live those first 87 years of my life. When I break them down to periods, there are some that really stand out. Like those early one-room school times of total innocence; then a 10-year span of war and illness, that got me to some really great married years....more >>
August 06, 2014

Jim's Jottings

I got some Ramblin' JJ's for you

And, sometimes a sharp needle in the eye is a good thing!

Here's a question my middle child wants answered: "Why do deer and ground hogs in my yard eat my plantings (flowers, small bushes), but don't eat the new growths each year in the perennial growing areas?" I don't get texts nor emails, so try the mail with your answers (PO Box 108, Oxford, MI 48371)....more >>
July 30, 2014

Jim's Jottings

What has President Obama done for America?

A 'Jot-a-torial' for you

On what track is Obama's plans for America? Or perhaps he has none. He's certainly ignored, or lied again, of his promise of transparency in Washington, DC. Seems his lying, such as "You can keep your doctor," is his policy on all matters....more >>
July 23, 2014

Jim's Jottings

Give me green paint, and I give you the Jolly Green Giant!

Tis the season for re-runs, and I'd like you to follow a hair pulling Jottings runner from 1966. * * * Several weeks ago, Hazel and I were in a group that attended the Orion Council of Knights of Columbus dance....more >>
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