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Praise be, Tax Freedom Day has come our way

Now we start working for ourselves

Some how, some way and for some years now, I always get notice informing me when you and I stop working to pay the government, and start working to help ourselves and our families....more >>

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Legislating thought dangerous? Nah, inevitable

" . . . nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or on any pretext infringed."

I always thought one of the nifty things about living in America, as a citizen of these here United States, was the freedom to be "Me" or the freedom for you to be "You." Carrying that notion a bit further, is the freedom to think, feel and express myself as I see fit....more >>

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A nation of marshmallow soft, hoity toitys?

Poop-scoopin' builds character

We are becoming a "soft" nation. An ocean of "wimps" and "hoity toitys" (whoever they are) will soon be upon us. No longer will we be a nation of beer and burgers -- everybody will want Chablis and crumpets (whatever they are)....more >>

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Yoga Pants, Part 2 (no foolin')

The good, the bad and the disgusted!

Okay you out there in Readerland, you may now call me "Don, Don, the fashion mon." Or Don, Fashion Nazi -- your call (and sorry for the phonetics up there). But, who woulda thunk when I asked, "Moms, Dads you know yoga pants put on display for the entire world to see, the shape and every contour of your daughter's undercarriage -- front and back -- don't you?" that all fashion hell would break loose? Well, some did....more >>

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The saga of yoga pants and your daughter

Where's the line between freedom of expression and over exposure?

Every once in a while, even a highly skilled, trained and veteran column writer like me thinks, "Rut-ro, Raggy. What am I gonna' write about now?" Aside from the easy, Scooby Doo reference, life isn't a cartoon....more >>

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Family, magic and politics

(oh, and call your state rep today!)

I went to A Bean To Go in downtown Lake Orion the other morning for a cup of coffee. The coffee is awesome; the atmosphere everything you'd want for a coffee shop -- old brick walls, wooden floors, big windows, and lots of space....more >>

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Don't go to Royal Oak, the final chapter?

Ticket-happy police, shake downs and more (and it ain't my opinion)

Two weeks ago I did what most columnists do: I opined. I dared to swim against the current. And, in doing so I stirred up some muck and muddied the proverbial pure flowing waters leading to the mecca of civilization, of course the zealots all know that to be Royal Oak, Michigan....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Can you feel the love tonight?

Don't go to Royal Oak, Part Two.

Softly, in the background I hear Elton John singing, "Can you feel the love tonight .. . ." Zoinks! Who woulda' thunk a little ol' column, by little ol' me about that city to the south (Royal Oak) last week could have caused such a ruckus! But, it did....more >>

Don't Rush Me

A word of advice: don't go to Royal Oak!

Royal Oak, MI just wants your money

Okay, I will be up front about this. I'm about to grind a proverbial ax. Your hero (that would be me) is whizzed off and before I explode into a heap of smoldering ash I needed to vent (or whine, your call)....more >>

Don't Rush Me

SHUT UP! Czech Republic and Freedom of the Press

Some history and some teaching from our readers

Writing a weekly column is good therapy. It helps keep the old ego sufficiently inflated while at the same time is humbling. As a published columnist, I see my job as writing to engage....more >>
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