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Don't Rush Me

DNA links father to son and son to father?

I never gave much thought to the scientific study of how particular qualities or traits are transmitted from parents to offspring. Well, never is a long time, I will say until I became a father I never gave it much thought....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Guilty until proven innocent in Michigan?

Medical marijuana grower left with nothing to defend himself

Those who read me regularly, or who know me, know I write from the heart. I feel. I try to be impartial. I hear, I see, I read, I listen and I process. You may not know that sometimes I process for a lo-o-o-o-ng time....more >>

Don't Rush Me

I am depressed. I didn't win the Powerball

You have assumed correctly, yes, I did not win the Powerball last week as I am still writing and newspapering. That said, I had my hopes way up high, positive good luck and fortune would smile heavily upon my tickets....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Just think, winter is half over!

Soon we'll be basking in the sunshine, sipping little umbrella'd drinks . . . or not.

Usually this time of the year I have hand-shoveled, oh, about a million feet of snow off my driveway and the sidewalk in front of and past my crappy old house. I mean, come on, it is mid January in Michigan -- the Winter Wonderland State, we have snow....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Don wants to know what's your 'word for 2016?'


Yikes. It seems like it's been a year since I've written you all! (Okay, that's a turn on an old joke. I apologize. Sorta.) When I finish this, the first Don't Rush Me of 2016, I will only have 51 more to write....more >>

Don't Rush Me

So long 2015, we barely knew ye'

The saga of yoga pants and your daughter and lots more!

Call me kooky, but son-of-a-gun, where did 2015 go? Maybe it's the weather phenom we have experienced this December (read: 50 and 60 degree weather, green grass, budding lilacs and oh my ....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Kick 'em when they're down this Christmas

"Figuratively or literally, I give you my hand to hold. If you need, I will tenderly, gently and with compassion wipe away your tears."

Gosh . . . I don't know . . . for at least a decade, I have set aside December columns for writing about Christmas. Christmas past, Christmas with the kids, Christmas as a kid; Christmas memories, music and musings....more >>

Don't Rush Me

'For hate is strong and mocks the song...'

Another Christmas column from yours truly

Peace on earth and good will to men. Holiday seasons always seem to get mucked up because of some whack-job somewhere is hellbent on destruction. I know it is a hard concept for me to grasp, but, the world isn't on Dandy Don Rush's blue-sky and sunshine schedule....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Lighten up, even if you don't put lights up

Christmastime is here

To all the Scrooges out there -- stop being cranky! To all the Grinches out there -- take five from your grumpiness! To all those smarty old snooties with their beaks in the air (and you know who you are, you who are too high and mighty to enjoy a little goodwill and peace) smile some, you'll feel better....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Fa la la la la but don't be scammed

Think local when donating and buying

Gather 'round kiddies. Huddle close together and listen up. It's December in the year of our Lord, 2015. We had a snow last month, your Detroit football Lions, won a Thanksgiving game and the 10 day weather forecast for Southeastern Michigan has temperatures solidly in the 40s....more >>
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