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Reporters Without Borders released their World Press Freedom Index 2014

The sorry state of press freedoms here and abroad

So, I ran across a "ranking" on-line this weekend. Nothing so funny as David Letterman's Top 10, nor was it interesting in any shallow, "I want to be entertained" kind of way. Nope....more >>

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Je suis Charlie

Or, shooting the messenger

Oh, sometime last week whilst working high atop the ivory tower at 5 South Main Street in Clarkston (actually I was looking down at all the little people trying to stay warm in single digit weather, and smiling smugly, sipping a hot coffee) I got a phone call that went something like this: Caller: "So, Don, news guy in charge, what do you think about what's happening in France....more >>

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It's a digi-world we live in. Rats.

Stupid petitions and lessons to learn from the City of the Village of Clarkston

So, it has come to pass in this brave new world of instant gratification, notification and articulation that when we see or hear something that may or may not be true, we instantly share our indignations....more >>

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Drum roll please: Don's favorites of 2014

Earwax, marijuana, hillbilly logic and a lot more good stuff!

It's a wrap on 2014 Yep, it may be sad, but it's true: 2014 is all but over, merely memories of the things we did and said. And, for my last column of this calendar year, I'm gonna' go back and revisit said year's Don't Rush Me "gems....more >>

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Bummed out because it's the holiday season?

I give love. I give peace. I give you hope.

I hope this column finds its way into your hands, and before your eyes before December 25, in the year of our Lord, 2014. I hope you have hands to hold the paper and eyes to read. It is my sincere hope that this holiday season (the one so many folks in the western world celebrate to honor and recognize the birth of one Jesus of Nazareth) finds you in good health and warmly ensconced with the feelings and spirit of your loved ones....more >>

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Oh (sigh, Donald) Tannenbaum, oh Tannebaum

Tales from the ghettos of Clarkston

I've written before about growing up in one of Clarkston's ghettos and, back then it meant anywhere that wasn't located in the square mile of Clarkston proper (basically anywhere in Independence Township)....more >>
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Obligatory Christmas Column #1,279,539

Where has the wonderment gone?

As I look back upon the thrilling holidays of yesteryear, I have come to believe those Christmases Past were, indeed, magical. They were always white with snow. Everything sparkled....more >>

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December starts Christmas columns

Ah, the wonderment of youth

It's December already. The holiday season is upon us . . . and a tradition I like to keep is simply this: writing columns for Christmas and that means writing nice stuff. Nothing mean or snotty....more >>

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What is the meaning of Don's ice scraper?

Pondering life's great mysteries

Reporters are schooled to ask questions, with the most fundamental being, who, what why, where, when and how. Or as we in the trade say, "The Five Ws and an H." When I was a younger man -- scratch that, when I was a child -- I used to ask a lot of "why" questions....more >>

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Movember leads vet to help pet cancer group

And more local business news!

Rectum. Damn near ruined 'im. The other week I wrote about how -- ever the sheep, follower-type -- I joined the grow-your-moustache-Movember bandwagon. Which, is in effect, an effort to get men to go see their butt doctors and get their prostates checked out (amongst other things)....more >>
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