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Tammies Heazlits Neighbor
March 06, 2013 | 10:44 AM

Do yourself and your neighbors a favor and report the neighbor that is burning from "7am til after dark, up to 16 hours straight." Your neighbor is clearly violating township burn policies.
FYI - March 8 thru November 1st (Summer hours)are from 8am to 8pm (12 hours). Winter hours (Nov. 2 thru March 7) are from 8am to 6pm (10 hours). Burning is allowed only on designated days.
As for the 400' ft. policy...I can foresee big problems enforcing a policy that takes away ones burning privileges based solely upon who lives next door.
I've followed the opening burning policy for 28 years. I certainly would respect a neighbors illness and coordinate my burning accordingly.
That being said, I think the 400' rule is a bad policy that pits neighbor against neighbor and won't accomplish a thing. We both know that it's foolish to beleive that a 400' ft. rule is going to stop the wind from carrying smoke to someones house.
The proper solution should have been a designated ONE Saturday per month, 8am-6pm open burn policy, with strict fines for violating this policy.
This type of policy would be easy to enforce and respects the wishes of both non-burners and burners. Both parties should be making concessions, not just the burners.
The new board needs to re-examine this policy and make it fair for all, or it will never hear the end of it!

Michael Powell
Clarkston Cleaning
The Oxford Leader
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