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'Where's my golf ball?'

September 23, 2009

Larry Krzyzanowski scored a hole-in-one at the Black Forrest Golf Club in Gaylord, July 19. Krzyzanowski, who has been golfing for 45 years, was playing in a Texas scramble with his friends Joe Rubino, Dr. Steve Picard and Dennis Jankowski.

On the tee of the 156-yard, par three, twelveth hold, Krzyzanowski pulled out the seven-wood that he bought on Ebay for $20. When he struck the ball, he saw it head towards the green but couldn't see where it landed.

When he arrived at the green he couldn't find his ball and thought to himself that it couldn't be in the hole but decided to check anyway. To his surprise, there it was in the hole.

As is the custom, he bought a round of drinks for everyone in the club house. Krzyzanowski didn't say how much more the drinks cost than his Ebay club.

~ Sarah Stiel