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Man charged with domestic assault

by Megan Collier

February 10, 2010

Chadd Evans
Chadd W. Evans, a 32-year-old Lake Orion resident, was arrested for domestic assault Jan. 30, after allegedly battering a 28-year-old woman living with him on the 200 block of S. Broadway.

The woman had injuries that included a bruised and swollen face, an injured ankle and a "large clump" of hair missing, according to police.

Witnesses came forward after the incident and supported the victim's account of the assault. According to reports, they "overheard what sounded like a violent struggle, including glass breaking, bodies heavily hitting walls and the sound of a female subject choking as though she were being denied air."

Police noted the alleged victim was less than forthcoming during the investigation, but, "Many times the victim in a case like this has a hard time being a victim," said Police Chief Jerry Narsh, noting her behavior was consistent with other domestic violence victims.

"That's why we have the laws and statutes we do to protect people even when they don't feel it's that important they be protected. As cold and odd as that sounds, it's really the safest and warmest thing," he noted.

Officers said Evans seemed "very cold and calculated" when asked about the woman's injuries. He simply stated, "I'm not perfect."

Police will press charges on behalf of the victim, per Michigan law. If convicted, Evans could face up to 93 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.

Officers arrived at Evans' residence on S. Broadway in response to several 911 "hang-ups" by a woman in distress. They found the unit completely dark and the door barricaded, when one heard tapping coming from a window on the front of the residence.

Inside, was the alleged victim with an "alarmed look on her face," quickly motioning for them to come in.

"At that point, all the officers knew was that something serious was going on. That is a very dangerous and volatile moment for law enforcement," said the police chief.

When police pushed open the door, held shut by a couch and weight bar, the woman ran from the other room, hysterical and crying, according to reports.

"The woman yelled, 'He's in there, he's in there, he's in there!'" pointing toward a back room, said Narsh. "She seemed terrified."

Inside the residence was a broken coffee table, DVDs scattered throughout and multiple holes in the drywall in the bedroom, and the bathroom door was ripped off the hinges and a hole around the size of a volleyball was in it, according to the report.

"There were obvious scenes of a struggle and of violence," noted Narsh, adding that police also found a modified tire pressure gage that had been used as a crack pipe.

Several minutes went by before Evans emerged from the back room. Instead of laying on the floor as directed by police, the suspect "moved quickly toward a couch" before he was "more affirmatively" told to get on the floor, according to the report.

Later, a search revealed brass knuckles between the cushions, according to police.

Evans was arraigned Feb. 2 and released with the provision that he have no contact with the woman. He has no prior domestic violence convictions and was not intoxicated at the time of the alleged assault, according to Lake Orion police.

Pretrial examination was set for Feb. 18.