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Heads up our 'internet' division

by Andrew Moser

July 28, 2010

Angela Sodders
Sherman Publications announces the newest addition to the family, Angela Sodders.

Most folks can see Angela's cheerful smile nearly everyday at the Oxford Leader, where she is in charge of the internet division.

"I will be working on the websites, selling all of the advertising and helping load the content on the websites," she said.

During her brief time with SPI, Sodders noted she has meet a lot of interesting people.

"I got to know a lot of the business owners at the coffee clubs and really I am just getting ready to go out on the road and meet all of the business owners," she added.

She graduated college from Central Michigan University in December 2003, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology Management. She graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1999. Along the way, she interned at Computer Science Incorporated, where she helped out at the help desk.

"I took help desk calls and helped program stuff for engineers," she added.

She noted that she has always had a passion for computers.

"I actually have three computers right now, so I am a big technology person." She admitted that she was "kind of techy," but didn't like to go too far into it.

Before coming to the Leader, she worked for the Best Buy for 13 years.

"It was a shorter drive to work and I have been in Oxford the last five years," she said.

When she isn't busy working on new ideas for the internet sites, she enjoys spending her time outdoors and working on arts and crafts.