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2010 Primary election
Oakland County Commission District #1 candidates

July 28, 2010

Tony Albensi, 42 (Republican)


Education: Attended U of M Flint, 1986-1988

Occupation: Software Designer for RGIS, LLC

Government-related experience:

Oxford Village Councilman, 2007 to Present

Republican Precinct Delegate, 2006 to Present

Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee, 2006 to Present

Republican grassroots activist since 1999

Family (spouse, kids): I married my wife, Jessica, on May 29 of this year. We look forward to starting a family together.

1) I love living in Oxford, and I've enjoyed serving on the Village Council. This is where my wife and I intend to raise our family. The future of District 1 is important to us, and to all the people we are fortunate to count as our neighbors and friends.

2) To create a favorable environment for businesses, we need to keep government out of their way. That means keeping taxes low and eliminating unnecessary regulations. It also means maintaining the high quality of our educational institutions so that our workers will remain competitive in the global marketplace.

3) Our citizens work hard for every dollar they earn. As elected officials, we need to think carefully before taking those dollars back out of their pockets. We should not sacrifice the services that are most important to our citizens. However, government must reduce spending and live within its means.

4) Northern Oakland County has a lot to offer. The natural beauty of its waterways and green spaces, its historic landmarks and charming small towns are all priceless attractions. While it's important to preserve these treasures, we should also showcase them so as to attract visitors and commerce.

Joe Bunting, 33 (Republican)

Oxford Township

Education: Oakland University- B.A. in political science, Schoolcraft College- Associates degree in criminal justice

Occupation: Police Officer

Government Related Experience: Oxford Township Trustee, Oxford Addison Youth Assistance Chairman

Family: Wife-Jennifer, Daughter-Emma and Son-Jake

1) I am running for Oakland County Commissioner to make sure Oakland County continues in the right direction. My goals are to focus on public safety keeping our families and communities safe. I am also determined to attract businesses and developers to make our communities successful with employed families.

2) Focus on the northern-end of Oakland County. I want to look at ways to support downtowns with resources such as gas and sewer to attract business. Also look at ways to bring people from across the county to the north-end by rail road. I want to create a working community.

3) I will not cut public safety funding. I believe pubic safety is too vital for business and our families. I will seek to find other ways to cut budgets and be fiscally responsible without tax increases. If we want more tax revenue then we need more business growth.

4) I believe we need to cut the bureaucratic attitude of holding-up business and create an open door for business growth. I plan to work with the communities in the 1st district so we can succeed together. We need people employed to solve our problems. More info at

Beth Nuccio, 51 (Republican)

Brandon Township

Education: Master of Arts, Central Michigan University; Bachelor of Science, Ferris State University

Occupation: Director of Career Services, Baker College of Auburn Hills

Government-related experience: Brandon Board of Education Trustee for 15 years, currently President

Family: Married for 27 years to Joe. Children: Chris married to Berryl (expecting child), Troy and Mikki

1. I am running for County Commissioner because we need elected officials that will listen and represent the people they serve, ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and fight to reduce government redundancy. My proven record of public service demonstrates my ability to listen, learn and represent the people I serve.

2. To improve the county's economic condition, Oakland County must provide a business friendly environment, so that business can create jobs. Incentives, lower taxes, incubators, technology services and education, are important components of this environment. I support continued investment in economic growth sectors and providing an attractive environment for business.

3. Taxpayers cannot afford any more taxes. The county needs to continually look at restructuring the way it does business. Offering retirement incentives, limiting capital purchases, competitive bidding of contracts, hiring freezes and technology enhancements are efforts I support.

4. As commissioner I will fight for our tax dollars being spent on services that we use. I support a waste management plan that incorporates conservation, recycling and composting- not landfills. I support the efforts of the local municipalities and will provide a strong voice for the residents of District #1.

Kenneth J. Quisenberry, 51 (Democrat)

Village of Ortonville

Brandon High School / Oakland University / Oakland Police Academy

Private Investigator / Retired Lieutenant-Oakland County Sheriff Dept.

Current Village of Ortonville-President, 8 years School Board Treasurer (and past president), 25 years of Law Enforcement Service-County of Oakland

I am Married (Nicole), I have two adult children (Sean & Shannon)

1. Born and raised in North Oakland County. I've led a long and rewarding career in law enforcement, being privileged to serve the communities where I live. Continuing on with 2 terms as School Board Treasurer, now serving as Ortonville President. I will ensure North Oakland County the best possible representation.

2. A mandatory balanced budget and continued efforts to enhance a positive climate for both large and small businesses, without tax increases. With innovative new ideas and technology resources Oakland County will continue to lead the region and the state.

3. This one is simple. Expenditures should never exceed Revenue, however I believe that the quality of services does not need to be compromised. I strongly believe that loss in revenue can be off-set by improving efficiency in government and programs.

4. Let's make sure our voices are heard. District #1 communities pay taxes to Oakland County, and should expect improved infrastructure and the delivery of quality services. (roads, public health, public safety, and support services) North Oakland has long been an extraordinary blend of quaint small-town life, and rural splendor.

James R. Porritt, Jr., 62 (Republican)


Education: Lake Orion High School - 1966; Oakland University - 1970; Wayne State University Law School - 1973

Occupation: Attorney, Real Estate Broker

Political Experience: Past President -Kiwanis; Past President Parents Association; Past Chairperson - College Republicans; Past Chairman Real Estate Committee - Oakland Co. Bar Assoc.; Past Member Grievance Commission - NOCBOR; Chairman - Chili Challenge; Director - OACC

Family: Married 41 years to Christine; 5 Children; 4 Granddaughters and 1 Grandson expected

1) In response to clients' complaining about members of municipal bodies we have appeared before, I have repeatedly said that if we are not willing to step up, we can't complain. The next several years will present tremendous challenges and I feel a duty to offer my services.

2) Beyond supporting initiatives like Automation Alley and Energy Sectors, I recognize that we can collaborate to launch lifestyl- oriented programs similar to the rails-to-trails. Two of my children were drawn to out-of-state metropolitan areas by their stimulating atmospheres. How about a county-wide co-ed kickball league?

3) Michigan law restricts Counties from increasing revenues. Raising millage is not an option and offers no solution. Aside from reduction of the number of employees through retirements, we will have to turn to privatization and reduction of services.

4) Communities in District 1 have traditionally been governed by fiscally responsible leaders. Their no-frills budgets leave little tolerance for the deep cuts in revenues they will have to absorb. I will support higher contributions to tri-party agreements to help finance needed road improvements.

Steve Porter, 61 (Republican)

Addison Twp.

I have a BA from Spring Arbor University in Elementary Education and graduate work at Oakland

University in School Administration.

I am a small business owner (Porters' Contracted Services, Inc. and Great Lakes Restoration Solutions, Inc.). I have been the Pastor of Leonard Community Church for 24 years.

I have served Addison Township as Deputy Treasurer, on the Zoning Board of Appeals, and on the Library board.

I also serve as Chaplain for the Oxford Police Department.

My wife Jan and I have been married for 40 years. We have two sons, Jason 31 and Andy 29. Jason and his wife Danyelle have given Jan and myself two wonderful grandchildren. Drew 4 and Audrey is 22-months-old.

1.) I am running for County Commissioner to serve the people of my district. I am well qualified and have experienced first-hand what the present economic pressures are doing to small businesses. I understand the need for small government, local control and fiscal responsibility.

2. ) I believe we must remove the personal property tax and the small business tax to stimulate the business environment. We must also support the Downtown Development Authorities to help attract the mom-and-pop stores in our communities.

3.) We must cut spending in our county. Focusing on small government is vital. Ruth Johnson has done an outstanding job as county clerk in using technology to help keep her staffing needs low. All governments at all levels must take a closer look at their number of employees.

4. One of my highest priorities as the commissioner of District #1 will be to stay in contact with the elected officials of each community and township in order for me to know the struggles they are facing. cannot help fix the problem if I am not aware of it.

Andrew Potter, 47 (Republican)


Education: Master's in Public Administration (MPA) - University of Michigan, Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice Ferris State University, Grand Haven High School.

Occupation: Police Officer Retired

Government-Related Experience: Pension Board Trustee, Treasurer Oak Park Police Officers Association, Extensive Labor and Contract Negotiation Experience, United States Air Force- Military Police, and Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II certified.

Family: Resident of Brandon Twp -17 years, married 17 years, 1 child.

1.) I am running because I am concern for our state of affairs in reference to fiscal shortfalls and reckless spending of our finite tax dollars by those currently in office. By electing me, I will challenge the status quo and the excessive benefits enjoyed by our elected officials.

2. ) To save our job loss rate and our tax base, small business must be given assistance. This can be accomplished through nonfinancial assistance through the use of enterprise zones, tax incremental financing (TIF), and tax stabilization programs. These programs would also encourage new technologies to move into the area.

3. ) I am strongly opposed to any and all tax increases. Tax increases now would further cripple our fragile economic condition. As our economy continues to contract, so too must our governments size and its spending. Resource sharing with other government entities would save jobs and money.

4.) For most communities, keeping what we have is the challenge of today and tomorrow. To improve our district, I would simply stop spending on frivolous projects focusing on maintaining what is already here through resource and labor efficiency; thus, saving our infrastructure and millions of dollars for tomorrow and beyond.

John Roshek, 30 (Republican)

Oxford Twp.

Education: Some College

Occupation: Banker

Government-related experience: None

Family (spouse, kids): Wife, Jessica

1.) I decided that I am tired of sitting by and watching politicians run this country and nothing would ever change unless someone finally stood up and did something about it.

2.) Tax breaks and incentives for new businesses to move in to the community. Encourage entrepreneurship and small business owners within my district.

3.) I am strongly opposed to raising taxes. I feel that America has been taxed to death and I will not support any legislation that calls for tax hikes! Government like its citizens MUST learn to work within its budgets and cut unnecessary spending in order to survive.

4.) I would work hard every day to keep the citizens of district 1 working and to encourage new growth. I would fight to protect the rights of all of our citizens and to be the voice of the people. The citizens give us the power to work for THEM and I promise to uphold that value!