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2010 Primary Election
Michigan State Representative, 46th District

July 28, 2010

Bradford Jacobsen, 54 (Republican)


Education: K-12 Oxford Schools, James Madison College of MSU 1979

Occupation: Florist - Small Business Owner

Government-related experience: 16 years Oxford Township Trustee (1984-2000) and Oakland County Commissioner District 1 (2006-present), various committees and boards

Family (spouse, kids): Wife of 30 years, Teri 30; 3 kids - Lauren, Emily, and Bradford

1) We need to get our state back on firm financial ground which will bring about more and better jobs to stabilize our families. Michigan's been a great place to work, play and raise a family. I want to get us back on track.

2) Michigan has been struggling far too long. Lansing continues to apply band-aids. Budget reductions and lower taxes will put more money into our pockets. This should increase retail sales and allow businesses to stay and expand creating jobs.

3) Cut spending immediately. All revenues are down and will continue in that trend. We cannot continue to spend what we don't have hoping that the dollars will magically appear. Tax cuts should quickly follow to free up dollars for both consumer spending and business expansion.

4) Set the state budget in July so the school systems know what to expect in funding. Consider consolidation of school districts. It makes no sense to have costly duplication of services. Privatization of services need to studied. In today's economic situation all expenditures need to be reviewed.

Daniel Myslakowski, 58 (Republican)

Orion Township, 23 Years

Family: Married 30 years to wife Dee in August. Sons Daniel and Ryan. Strong family values. Right to Life Candidate.

Education: Master's Degree Public Administration, Central Michigan University; Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Ferris State University.; Associate's Degree Dental Technology , Ferris State University; H.P. UNIX Technical Certification; Microsoft Windows Technical Certification; Michigan Builder's License.

Occupation: Project Manager Professional; IT Project Manager, certified in UNIX, Microsoft and ITIL

Small Business Owner

Worked my way through college at Dodge Main Car Assembly Plant for 4.5 years.

Government-related experience: Elected Macomb County Commissioner

Organizations: Crew Team member for Friendship Park Playground Project; Orion/Oxford Soccer Coach; Coach at Roller Hockey at Basketball America, Lake Orion; Former Recording Secretary for Knights of Columbus, Council 3257; Knights of Columbus Muscular Dystrophy Fundraiser volunteer; St. Joe's, Lake Orion Boy Scouts of America Volunteer; St. Joe's Eucharistic Minister and volunteer; Support to Christ the Redeemer, Catholic Church; Support to Look for the Good, Lake Orion; Support to the Lake Orion Fireworks Fundraisers; Support to Race for the Cure and the Komen 3-day race against Cancer;Support to St. Jude's Hospital for Children;Previous Board member for Keatington Home Owners and Beach Manager;Worked on Several Keatington Ecology water and land projects; Helped on several Polly Ann Trail B.S.A. Eagle Scout Beautification Projects; Successful Stock Market investor

1.) I am running to bring 35 years of successful private, and public sector skills to fix a broken Lansing which is so politically hamstrung, and beholding to Special Interests that both political parties COULD NOT even start a budget process on time for the last 2 years!

2.) To attract and retain jobs Michigan has to be better than other states, and countries. We have to target, and develop top-notch resources, to support a job friendly environment where Government helps its business partners to be successful, profitable! I will lead with my experience!

3.) Michigan cannot maintain the current levels of state programs and services, therefore, all expenses need to be reviewed, evaluated for the value they bring in relation to available resources! A multi-year plan to review, prioritize necessary projects, services needs to be implemented A.S.A.P.! I will make the hard, tough decisions!

4.) Most everyone agrees that a good education is necessary to get a good job. However, the way to get a good education is the area of great debate! Fact, for every new dollar allocated for public education less than 30 cents finds its way into the classroom! This MUST CHANGE!